Sivana Chakra oils are hand blended using only the finest and purest organic and wild crafted essential oil and carrier oils.

The essential oils chosen were carefully selected for its purity and quality. I was very selective when it came to sourcing the oils as it was important to use oils in the blends that were not endangered, threatened or vulnerable. The blends were also developed to work in harmony with each Chakra, not only giving the most positive effects on the  balancing each individual Chakra but also having a  positive effect on  the other Chakras simultaneously.

The carrier oils used within the blends are selected for their antioxidant qualities on the skin are all rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants known for their hydrating, nourishing and youthful effects on the skin which absorbs almost immediately without any greasy or sticky residue.

Carrier Oils:


This extract is a wonderful anti-ageing ingredient that helps to stimulate collagen production, promotes skin firmness and reduces dry skin. It also helps to protect the skin against environmental damage due to Ultraviolet radiation and pollutants. It is also known for its effect on reducing inflammation and wound healing and is ideal for treating all skin conditions including, acne, sunburn and redness


Packed with anti-oxidants and omega oils, this oil is very effective in the fight against signs of ageing. Traditionally Used by Japanese women, for their ageless skin and glossy hair. Rich in vitamin A this oil helps to stimulate collagen production and protect the skin against environmental damage. It is also known for its ant-inflammatory effect on the skin also helping dry, irritated and acne prone skin types.


Maintains the softness and suppleness of the skin and hair, whilst helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also known for its anti inflammatory effect on joint stiffness and pain, it will help eliminate toxins from the body such as lactic acid and helping to sooth arthritis and joint inflammation.